Can you use 0w20 instead of 5w30
8. Can I use 5w30 instead of 0w20? The effect of using the alternate one is so minimal that it is almost impossible to differentiate on a regular day. A nit-picky dealer could say that since you didn't use a dexos1 oil that your warranty on the engine is kaput. If you are talking about substituting Castrol for vegetable oil then I agree. These are (unless you own an LFA, in which case good for you) 5w30, 5w20 and synthetic 0w20 weight oils. I actually use Castrol 0W30 oil which is at the upper end of the 30 weight range. I am a drag racer from another era (B hotrod record holder 1971) Back then everone used 50w in there big blocks. 3 V6 in the RX330/400h). oil change add 5w20 instead of 5w30 The primary reason for using the lowest possible viscosity without damaging the engine is for fuel mileage. Difference between 0w20 and 5w30 Mar 19, 2006 · Does anyone know if it will make a difference if I use 5W-30 instead of the recommended 0W-20 or 5W-20? I use Mobil 1 Extended Mileage (15,00 mile stuff) and the lowest weight that they make it in is 5W-30. That mean, If you have a dirty oil pan, all the gunk will float and be filter by your engine filter and the engine filter can saturate and stop working. What If I Use 0w-20 Instead of 5w30? Mr Tonneau. All three oils are excellent motor oils and ANY one can be used in a vehicle which requires either a 0W-30, 5W-30 or 10W-30 oil as well as in several other engine applications including an engine which recommends a 5W- 20 oil. One needs to know that the fully synthetic would have fewer viscosity additives. F. Change your oil within Infiniti's recommended length of 3,750 miles and you will be perfect. Cenex offers Maxtron®, which is approved for dexos1™ Gen 2 standards in 0W-20 and 5W-30 formulations. Ita only at start up. But there are other factors you need to consider. . How Good Are This Mobil 5w30 Oil - Car Talk - Nairaland. Viscosity isn't a big issue, but there are other additives that matter greatly. But if you stay in cold areas, then you will need a thinner oil, which will be able to heat up easily, meaning, the 5w20 will be an option which is better. I just got of the phone with Ford dealer across the street from my business & he shows both in the system, (5W30 & 5W20) so he went back & asked the lube guy about the EB Twin, & they said Definitely 5W30 for the Flex EB. 23 июл 2014 У официальных дилеров Subaru появились масла Subaru 5W-30 и 0W-20 новейшей классификации API SN. " You should use whatever the manufacturer revommends. If you ad the 0w40 in your engine you will have greater pressure and the old 5w30 will float on the 0w40. $62. I wouldn't even mess with 0w-20 weight oil in Thailand. The 5w-30 has been in the car for about 20k miles. Then again, if you have a wet clutch, you already know it. At operating temperature they are exactly the same viscosity. You can use any and your car will run fine and will not void any warranty for those of you under warranty. they probably would consider it a mistake, and it the oil did not directly cause the failure,, they would be Ok IMO with the warranty. My wife's 2013 CRV uses a 0W20 synthetic oil. Mar 07, 2019 · The 5W-30 can be bought as either conventional, fully synthetic, or blend. 5 V6) so that probably explains why the later model's manuals state 5w30. If you can afford, shoot for Amsoil. Yes you can use 5W20 oil instead of 5W30. I'm pretty sure FB20's that are sold outside of the US recommend other than 0w20. The internal tolerances and the unique VVTL system take that into account. Just wondering if it can go the other way. 5k miles. Your vehicle's engine is built and tuned to run on a specific grade of oil. Today's tech they discovered you can get away with 5w20 and still be safe. In this article we break down the difference between the two and help you decide which one is right for your engine. With the lighter 5W20, you may encounter increased engine noise at start up (piston slap & valve noise) and possibly increased engine wear. Based on that info,if correct, I would like to try it. Thoughts? SN95 4. 2 Demonstrated in the  If 0W-30 were acceptable then I would think it would be listed. Introduced in 2006 in the 2006 Rav4 4-cylinder (2AZ-FE) engine, 0w20 is used in almost all new Toyota and Lexus products (save the LFA, which takes 34-38 quarts of 15w-50 Mobil 1 per oil change). They will have done plenty of testing with it. They use Honda bulk 0w20 in those now, but used 5w30 until the bulk 0w20 became available. In other words, "2009 Genesis" isn't going to indicate to anybody that you need help. 0W20 is really thin and will only work if the engine has been designed for it. You guys with Auto trannies have to use 5W20 because of the MDS. It's that simple. The 10W60 will be fine, but the 0W20 won't. 0w will pump down to -35*C. (I've often done that in the summer months for years, btw. I'm sure the engineers tested it to make sure it's ok to use before recommending it. Jul 11, 2013 · Use a quality synthetic though, or you might be worse off than with the 0w20. Forum discussion: 2009 corolla. We knew a "trick"; use the thinnest oil that you can maintain pressure at. It's for the best possible mileage rating and still does the job protecting the engine. Honda provided a set of recommended specs that works for most applications. I'm willing to bet that 50% of all oil changes use 5w30 or 10w30 regardless of what the manufacturer calls for. These include temperature and the engine. If you stay in an area which is hot, you are better off using 5w30 motor oil due to the fact that, it operates better in high temperatures and thus the engine will be provided with better protection. Mar 10, 2011 · It seems like a lot of people are putting random shit in their cars like sandbags, 10w30 oil, and sometimes even SAE oil D:. 2 100₽. Yes it would be best to stick to the recommended grade which is specified in my case as Synthetic ONLY and 0W20. If you are in a warmer climate, the engine will warm up faster and engine parts may begin to expand and move oil out of clearances at that light of a weight until there is sufficient engine heat to raise the multi-weight oil's viscosity. You can say " I got great gas mileage before she blew! Look if ur Engine cost N80k you can even run it with cooking Oil but if It will set you back N500k to 1m, you might just want to stick with what the book says. I actually feel that “the other way around is of slightly more concern” meaning that I would try not to use say 10w30 in a car that needs 5w30. That is why anyone can use 5w30 or 0w20 and car would run like a champ. It's supposed to be recommended best mpg oil for modern Asian engines. Aug 14, 2009 · If you can find an 0w20 that meets the Ford specification (M2C930) it will be OK to use. Always consult your owner’s manual to ensure the product you choose is effective and safe to use with your vehicle. Unless one is starting up in some very serious cold weather, there really is no appreciable reason to use a 0w20. Surprise, it actually lowered mpg for my Camry Hybrid, so I am back to 0W20. Ever notice an 88 GM truck has 10w30 on the cap but the Identical 89 GM truck has 5w30? They found that it affects their C. I rather use 5-20 because of its 15 spread instead of 5-30 and its 25 spread, which uses more fillers. Jun 03, 2020 · You, in fact, should not even modify the engine to run on alternative fuels. 5W20 was giving the best fuel economy but, they may feel safer going up to the 5W30. I have read on the Mobil site that you can use 0W20 instead of 5W20. Castrol Edge with Syntec neutralizes the acids in you Castrol EDGE 0W20 Synthetic Motor Oil, 5-L | Canadian Tire OFFICIALTECH 5W30 C3 oil receives Mercedes-Benz MB 229. The product developers estimate that it would take up about a year to reach that kind of mileage; but they admit that depending on how you use your car, you may hit the 15,000-mile ceiling within a year. Oct 22, 2017 · Synthetic oil with a viscosity rating of 0W-20 is specified for your vehicle. Just make sure that what ever you use is synthetic and that it meets or exceeds teh CH-4 rating! GeWilli It’s one of the best things you can do for your vehicle, and one of the easiest… regularly change the oil. Join the discussion. However, in 2010 models (which still use the 2GR-FE engine) Lexus specifies 0W20 oil only. . If you do a taxi job, probably the engine oil will be warm for long periods. Feb 05, 2013 · Reasonable substitutes for 0w20 would be a 5w20, 0w30, or 5w30. Older engines can use the SAE30, while the 10W30 is for modern engines. In '13 they went to 5W-20 and yes, if I didn't drive my '13 for 3 to 4 days there is a little lifter clatter for a second or two. Two of the most common oils you’ll encounter are 5w30 and 10w30. 5W-30. At start up temps, 5w will pump down to -30*C. Toyota recommends 0w20 on the 4. For most it won't matter which you use but things change and lighter is the way to go. May find holes nothing else will. So, you own a newer Honda or Toyota that requires this special 0W-16 oil and are looking for the best price on a couple quarts. I would run the 502. The manual also states to change back to 0w-20 as soon as possible to maximize fuel mileage. At normal operating temperature a 20 weight might be around 8 cst where as 30 weight may be at 10 cst. It made the lifter knock louder and longer. For magnatec, it is only 0w20 and 5w20 that are full synthetic. manual says use syn. Ain't no better oil out there. It is simply to help with gas mileage. Above is a snippet from a discussion on the "Bob is the oil guy" forum. Mar 02, 2020 · Sure, 0W20 will flow better than 5W20 at low temperatures, but the difference is minimal and both versions run thin in cold conditions. The Pennzoil car engine can use both the 5w30 and 10w30 without a blink. Yesterdays fill up at Shell shows a 47,7 mpg a Nov 25, 2018 · If it states that 5W30 is recommended them that's that. And being that we don't have extreme temps in the winter, 30W is fine then also. (Although technically, I think 5K changes with 5W20 would be acceptable per the manual. Can you use 0W20 instead of 10W30? Mar 15, 2020 · Above 32°F (0°C), use SAE 30. This. 28 Apr 2020 The use of 0W-20 on the 5W-30 engine oil impacts temperatures and certain You can also use Motor oil 0W-20 when 5W-20 is recommended. In a 5W20 engine. 5W-20 or -30 don't provide you any indication of shear or quality. What could go wrong? Took my 2007 2. Ive been running Mobil 1 5w30 on my 5. " The only difference between a 0w20 and 5w20 is the cold flow rate with the CCS rating of a 0w20 at -35c and a 5w20 at -30c. Best to stick with 5W-30 synthetic (for winter) since that V6 engine heats up very quickly I noticed. If you put in 5W-30 oil instead of 5W-20 when the latter is the grade suggested by your vehicle's manufacturer, damage to internal engine parts can occur. The oils really stand out on a shelf because the last number is strange because it does not end in a five or zero. Aug 03, 2013 · Thank you for you input, Randall! Yes, it is very important to use the oil recommended in your Owner’s Manual for proper operation of your vehicle. You can actually use the car for many months without draining the oil. It may say you can use 5w20 or 5w30 for an oil change if 0w20 is not available, as long as you switch back to 0w20 next oil change. It will never be -30*C in Florida. These OEMs recommend the use of 0W-20 incase 0W-16 is not available. The point of this thread is running 5w30 and the conclusion is yes you can run it and it will do nothing but lower your MPG by 0. You could use a 0W20 oil (I use 0W20 oil) in cold weather and it would be Ok by Ford. Briggs & Stratton SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Motor Oil Both oils are rated as a 20 weight oil at operating temp. At that time we referred we advised to you that 5w-30 oil viscosity will not affect engine. Jul 08, 2012 · anyway as long as it is a CH-4 synthetic and either 0W-30 5W-30 5W-40 or 15W-40 you should be okay. vehicles, trucks and SUVs, and coverage for those of you interested in extended drain oils. As long as it's synthetic, it will last for the normal OCI. 7 having a option of using 0w20 or 5w20. 0w20 is thin and mainly recommended because they claim it gives you better gas mileage, but it does not provide as much engine protection for longevity of Jan 30, 2020 · If you live in a region that doesn’t experience extreme temperatures, you can use either of the two oils. Typically the owner's manual says 0W20 is preferred, but if you use 5W20, you have to change it BACK to 0W20 in 5K miles. There is no evidence but your conclusions and assumptions are false as well. I still have to add a qt at 5k miles on a 7. (they will not say it is good, but they will still honor the warranty. 0W-20 as synthetic oil expand that interlude to 10,000 miles or 12 months. The difference between 0W20 and 5W20 is negligible, I'll use the 0W20 in the Fords, most new Toyotas take 0W40 Mobil 1, and our used dept and customers just have to take it. But when it comes to those TDIs, like you mentioned, you better make sure you have the correct oil. Whilst motorists are aware that 0W20 is better than 5W20 synthetic engine oil for emissions they are concerned about the affect on the warranty if they use thicker oils. just my two cents Aug 17, 2012 · It's only on start up. Here they tell you to use that water like 0w20 ONLY because of CAFE regs. Jun 16, 2014 · Question: Can another oil such as 5W30 that is cheaper and more widely available be used in place of dexos1™ 0W20 oil? Answer: No. In the end when ita fully warmed up the velocity is the same either itr 0w20 or 5w30. Jan 30, 2020 · The higher the initial number, the thicker or viscous the oil is. 3L and 6. Like others have mentioned, my manual states that you can use 5w-30 if 0w-20 is not available, but to change it at 5,000 miles and then go back to 0w-20. I can't see how 5w-20 would be an issue. It works no harm. Jul 13, 2014 · If unopened you can probably exchange it. The only time the 0W-20 has the advantage is during startup. 5W-30 instead of 5W-20. $17. Stated motor oils both are equipped with a very low viscosity meaning they both would provide similar performance. The sounds and vibrations will tell you how well it likes (or dislikes) the oil you're using. At least both motorcycles use 10w40. 0w-20 is the same as 5w-20 except that when it has cooled down it does not get as thick. Most synthetic oils have an innate 5W-20 or 5W-30 spread. Jan 28, 2014 · Also if you use a high quality synthetic engine oil the oil change intervals can be extended, thereby also reducing the overall running costs. Apr 27, 2020 · I have a similar situation -- 0w20 for the car, 5w30 for my truck, 5w20 for the RV. No problem will ever happen because of oil if anybody follows that schedule to change their oil with 0w20 or 5w30. Mobil 1 0w20 vs Royal Purple 5w20, can switching oil help? - Duration: 2:11. Yes; you can make use of it. Out vehicles come from the factory with natural petroleum-based engine oil. Apr 10, 2016 · Answer: Yes and no. 75. Sep 25, 2011 · Well for some reason they put 0w20 vs what the requirements states of 5w30. 0wXX is thinner. This leads some to use regular motor oil for the task. In case with 0w20 both oils can be used either 5w30 or 5w40. If yours takes 0w20, it likely has the same language. Just because 0W- 20 is recommended and 5W-30 is acceptable, I don't think you can come to the  If you put in 5W-30 oil instead of 5W-20 when the latter is the grade suggested Synthetic motor oil is created entirely from chemical compounds that do not 0W -20 oil. Azhonda, you asked whether 5W-30 weight motor oil will do damage to the engine in your 2011 CR-V. Масло MOLY Green Earth Premium  синтетическое моторное масло; класс вязкости 0W-20; класс API SN; двигатель: бензиновый, Моторное масло Honda Synthetic Blend 5W30 SN 0. if you want better mileage you want to use 5w-20 or 0w20 for that matter. The operating temp of the engine is 190 F The temp outside in Arizona reaches that? Nov 25, 2012 · I just did the oil change and saw little sticker on the windshield and it says that they have changed the oil with 5W30. can you use it without an issue? probably. Switch over to using 5w30 now. i also have a Nissan and it does state to use 5w30. 5W-30 motor oil is generally considered as multi-grade motor oils meaning that the motor oil can be categorized into two viscosity grades. If I decide to move forward with 10W-40 for testing purposes I will let everyone know the results but for now I think 5W-30 is the limit that I am comfortable with based on these discussions. There are literally over 100 different options to choose from. There is no need for a 5w oil in this car, to be honest. A. my particular problem is the Dealer Themself switched it to 0w20. This helps in ensuring that the moving parts don’t rust despite being idle for a long time. The only reason they recommend 0w20 over the previous 5w30 is efficiency. You can but you may have idling problems due to the tight engine clearances. If you keep reading, it also states that if you drive your vehicle under adverse conditions that you might consider using a heavier weight oil. Its specked for 5w20 but I read somewhere t hat 0w20 typically has better base stocks and gives better protection. 0W-20 oil reacts like SAE 0 oil in cold temperature but acts like SAE 20 oil when the weather is in a hot mood. Jun 28, 2012 · It is a bit warm in SC for a 20 weight oil unless you drive like a little old lady. Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Car Talk / How Good Are This Mobil 5w30 Oil (1772 Views) Mobil 1 5w30 And 0w20 Is Now Available. 100% synthetic racing motor oil based on ESTER Core® technology. 946 л. I’ve got some Do any of you use 5w30 synthetic instead of 0w20 motor oil? And if you do, does it run good on the 5/30? Save Share. Agree entirely I wouldn't even use 0W-20 or 0W-30 in the UK as we don't get low enough temperature to warrant it, and I always use 5W-30, I know thinner oils are sold as fuel saving oil etc. And in those conditions, I really don't know how much, if any, 0w20 would really help. I have read that it could be too many warranty issues. Plus with 5w-30 you do not have to use synthetic which is all that is available in 0w-20. Most older Jul 16, 2020 · Only a VQ engine expert can tell us for sure whether using 0W20 one time could cause damage. Even the synthetic changes could use this regular oil. You can grind along on your 0W20 when it's hot out. 0w20 oil is thinner then 5w20 or 5w30 at all temps. Dealers that say 0W20 should be fine are completely irresponsible because they have nothing from Nissan allowing it. I would just change the oil and not change the filter and be done with it. If you had a Honda the manual would recommend 5w20 or 0w20 so that is what you use. The less viscous the lubricant the less internal drag there is on moving parts and the less the engine has to work to produce the same amount of power. Density at 15 ºC g/ cm3. That may be true, but the warranty quote: I would do the 5w30 on both cars in the summer, and the 5w20 on both in the winter. I suppose if there was a good way to keep oil clean you could just add a can of additives every 6 months and just change the filter, never changing the oil. The ONLY other oil allowed is 5w20, but that MUST be changed out after only 5k miles (as opposed to 10k for 0w20). Apr 27, 2009 · 5w-30 is fine to use. It can  1 Jun 2020 abrasion - all the things that can prematurely age today's smaller TU3M Pad Wear Performance parameter for 5W-30. The signs might say something totally different than what's in the containers. Sep 09, 2018 · We can’t buy a 3w25 but, that’s about what I have in there because I ended up mixing a 50/50 blend of Mag1 0w20 and Mag1 5w30! I’ll let you know about 200,000 miles later that it did a fine job about 10-15 years from now! Penn regular Multi-grade 5W-30* Valvoline All Climate 5W-30 20 Grade: Penn regular Multi-grade 5W-20 Mobil Clean 5000 5W-20* If while on the road you are forced to add oil there are rules. Does the manual say you can use VW 502? I think with the 0W20 oil, you just have to make sure it doesn't burn oil. In Europe, 0w30 or 0w20 is what is recommend for these cars and 0w20 for North America only because 0w30 is hard for Castrol North America to come by. We would love the opportunity to work with you! They know their engines. I'd love to use up the Ultra, but I'm just a little leery of using oil that is not spec'd for the engine. Use a good synthetic 5w20 (the weight the manufacturer of the car recommends) like castrol syntec and you will prolong the engine life without having to cross your fingers and hope that the 10w30 is better since you would be guessing at that point. If you are buying oil for your car and it is diesel and petrol, don't buy. g. All you needed to know was the viscosity — 5W-30, for example — and you could get a few bottles at the local auto parts store. " But 3 other dealer are saying take it back and have them put the correct oil in. Castrol Edge with Syntec neutralizes the acids in you Castrol EDGE 0W20 Synthetic Motor Oil, 5-L | Canadian Tire no difference. 137 has been blocked for unusual usage patterns Jun 28, 2020 · My mechanic use 5w30 in my 2019 Nissan rogue sport instead of 0w20 and now my car has lost power and is smoking from - Answered by a verified Nissan Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 6L Mustang Tech: 7: Aug 22, 2005: Can I use engine assembly lube Apr 06, 2010 · The 2010 4. I have a 2013 Outback with the FB25 engine and that calls for a 0W-20 synthetic oil. All vehicles have a particular oil viscosities/weight, and you can usually find this information on the top of the crankcase, usually on top of the oil cap. ASTM D 4052. don't worry about it! lots of marketing in oil industry and 0/20, 0/30, etc are marketing weights, IMO. So Mobil 1 0W20 can be used and if 5W30 is used it cannot be Mobil 1 ie "synthetic" am I correct on that? Show Full Signature. Why are OEMs recommending the use of SAE 0W-20 and 0W-16 motor oils? Within the past decade, Can I use a 0W-20 in my car that recommends 5W-30? No, if your owner's Can I use 0W-20 instead of 5W-20? First always consult the   I would take it back and have the oil changed just do you don't have any I mean if Tech never noticed it was V-6 instead of V-8 dude is pretty far up in "require" 0W-20 oil, yet the 2014-2018 Corvettes recommend 5W-30. 0,85 from one engine to the other occur. 1 - 1 of 1 Posts. 6L Mustang Tech: 12: Sep 12, 2005: R: can you get tinted glass instead of a stick on film? 1994 - 1995 Specific Tech: 14: Aug 23, 2005: Anyone use the Ford SPEEDO RECALIBRATOR instead of Speedcal? SN95 4. Regardless, it is still just a video and I would not recommend deviating from anything that is not called out in the owners manual while in warranty. I use Castrol Edge on my newer truck. Feb 26, 2019 · If you’re looking for 0W16 oil and are wondering if you can just do an oil change with 0W20 oil, read on. My personal mechanic opinion is use the viscosity it calls for under warranty and switch to 5w30 after if you plan to keep long-term. they have specific constraints driving those parameters that nonturbo engines don't have. Be as descriptive as In Thailand go for 5w-30 if you don't like to drive like a madman late at night. I would try 5W-20 first before using 5W-30. I'm thinking of switching from 0w-20 to 5w-30 to see if our 2013 2. It starts to flow easier than 5w-20 when your car is started and easier flow means its starts protecting faster. Don't take a chance especially on an expensive engine. If in your car was poured 5w30 and the level of oil dropped you can to top it off with 5w40. In contrast, 5W-30 has more oil additives, as well as thicker base stock oil, making it a bit difficult to stay within its weight grade as a vehicle ages with mileage. I also called up my dealer and told the service advisor that I can only find 5W30 Mobil1 and was wondering if I can use that instead and was told to stick with Honda's own 5W20 oil since that's what's recommended. I use a 5w30 fully synthetic motor oil. You need to use a 5w-30 if you are driving in a temperature below freezing. Low viscosity and its synthetic formulation make the best practical use of fuel economy. 5 - 4 quarts low at 5,000 miles and that is just not going to work but 5W-30 might. With 0W-20 it would be 3. Unless you're in the Arctic, your engine really can't tell the difference between 0 and 5. Liquimoly (Euro oil manufacture) makes an official Volvo certified oil for the SPA cars in 0w30. more important that you change it on a regular interval. 2L V8 EcoTec3 engines available in the 2014 Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 pickup trucks were designed, engineered and validated to run using dexos1™ 0W20 oil. Using 5w-30 instead of 5w-20 shouldn't kill anything. I can remember when a straight 30 weight was good for everything. I would not use 5w20 oil in your altima unless it is synthetic. Click to expand Check the owners manual. There is a small benefit of using a 10W instead of a 5W oil in that the 10W will normally have less viscosity improvers in it. I seem to remember somebody stating the 2GR-FKS motor is spec'd to recieve 5W-30 for vehicles overseas. 5 to10k miles vs 3-5k for reg oil. Can you use 5w30 instead of 10w30? Use exactly what the manufacture of your vehicle recommends and nothing else. Can't imagine what problems the change would cause. Apr 05, 2012 · First, don't use anything other than what the manual says you can use, unless you're up for an uphill battle with Hyundai over warranty claims. The standard would have the maximum as synthetic molecules maintain their viscosity. Let’s sum up the best generator oils for specific weather: If you use 5w30 and they have no record of it, it is close enough in viscosity that they may not be able to tell. Since Alberta has brutal winters you should be using a remote starter and letting the engine warm up. 5W-30 or 0w-20 is the viscosity of an oil, not the weight. So SAE30 does not change in thickness no matter the temp. Jan 24, 2013 · By the way, the "W" in 5W-30 or 0W-20 stands for WINTER, not weight. 7 trucks and cars run 0w20, but the performance applications (6. The heavier / more dense the oil is the better it lubricates some Jan 27, 2014 · It may though if you switch to 0 weight, as it's super liquidy. Данные продукты призваны  5w30, синтетическое, 4,00 л. / Can I Use 5w30 Instead Of 5w20 Recommended For My ACURA MDX 07 (tokubo) / ₦572m Volkner Mobil Motorhome That Comes With Hydraulic Supercar Garage Anyway, you will probably not hear much feedback - maybe a handful of people put or are considering a 5wX oil - be it 5w20 or 5w30. The heck with my warranty. I use Mobil 1 0W-20 for the slightly better fuel economy and the adequate protection it provides. Hence the "advanced fuel economy" advertisement on Mobil 1's 0W-20 bottles In this case very hard to do since they spec 5W30 for foreign markets as you say. Edited December 19, 2016 by 15HDriver 2 The essence is that you can use 0w20, 5w20, 0w30, 5w30 and probably Xw40 as well without destroying your engine. Your engine won't blow up with 5W-30 in it. The second number is flow rate at operating temp of the engine. The lower the number, the thinner the oil and the better the oil’s cold temperature/ cold start performance. 0w being the winter weight, the viscosity of the oil at freezing temperatures. It's the cold weather rating of the oil and related to the first number. One is just thicker then the other. Chances are, your engine is probably ok as long as you didn’t track it or drive your car hard. These oils feature two numbers or grades in viscosity My mechanic put 5w30 oil in my ford ranger instead of 5w20. noticed that with the 5w-20 I seem to be burning a bit and was Apr 19, 2020 · Most importantly, don't sweat it. В корзину. ” The lower the oil’s “W” viscosity, the more readily it will flow when cold. Edited by Zako2 (04/18/12 05:50 AM) ". In all honesty I wish they would just drop them all, in todays modern cars the 0W20 could service them all. ) Well, many automotive forums like to think that the improved fuel efficiency comes at a cost. 5. Mar 20, 2008 · Most modern cars that require 0w20 do so because the variable valve timing system operate off engine oil. The higher the numbers the heavier (more dense) the oil is. and you dont have to change oil if it gets cold,. If you see the owners manual, they recommend to change to 0W20 synthetic. 4. The way oil works is, the first number is flow rate at ambient temp. However, if you compare that same synthetic 5w20 motor oil to a petroleum 5w30, or 10w30, it will likely have better film and shear strength. 5W-20 and 5W-30 are basically the same, except that the 5W-30 will have the additional viscosity range of 20-30? With 5W-20, when the oil is hot, wouldn't it get down to 5W, but never heavier than 0W20 is not *good oil* for your Versa Note. 00 + shipping . So the “fix” for lack of supply was to use the 0w20 solely. 75 a quart. by craftsman,. 2:11. So you're getting 100% oil, rather than ~95% oil and ~5% VM. 3L ford ranger in for an oil change, and they put 5W30 oil in it instead of the 5W20 that is shown in the book. Many car lines are seeing higher and earlier timing chain failures and more oil usage since 0w20 went into full usage let alone 0w16. Jul 03, 2012 · Older cars can use modern oils too, just base the first viscosity on your climate, e. 175. Anything over that would be pointless. That is better in your climate as it gets cold. Another reason I don't mind using 5-20 or even 0-20 (before the 5-20 came out) is because its a synthetic oil (talking about Mobil 1) so I dont mind as much as if it were a conventional oil with the same viscosity. / Can I Use 5w30 Instead Of 5w20 Recommended For My ACURA MDX 07 (tokubo) / ₦572m Volkner Mobil Motorhome That Comes With Hydraulic Supercar Garage May 22, 2018 · My wifes 2015 Aygo has been to a large service and oilchange - non Toyota workshop. can I use engine oil 0W-30 instead of 0W-20. 5i. Show Full Signature. As advised by others, use a 5W-30 and not a 0W-20. The only reason they recommend 0w-20 over 5w-40 is fuel economy. In regard to the four points, in the past when comparing 0W-20 to 5W-30, we were getting anywhere from a 2 to 4 percent increase in fuel efficiency. I would think if you have 0W20 or 5W20 in it, and oil pressure is still as good as a 5W30 or 10W30 it is probably safe to run, and probably safer at high rpms. Its a common oil thats in my 307 Pug and Vivaro van. Use the same type and brand if you can. Prices have gone up and a good 5 qt synthetic jug today can run you about $40. I'd sooner use a 5W-20 oil than a 0W-20 oil since the 5W doesn't need as many VM additives. oil 5w40 you can get better use out of the oil if the Temp. Instead of screeching metals, they glide effortlessly, which reduces the wear  Do I really need to use 5W-20 or 0W-20 oil and why did my 2000 model year vehicle require a 5W-30 oil, while the exact same engine in my 2001, 2002 and  Mobil™ 0W-20 oils are low viscosity, full synthetic motor oil formulations to help optimize fuel economy. My owner’s manual recommends that I use 0W20 oil but says I can also use 5W20. There's always a considerable tolerance such that for typical UK winters 0w20, 0w30 5w30 and even 10w40 are all ok. Jul 17, 2020 · While 5w30 is just as good as 0w20, and might even withstand a variety of temperatures that the 0w20 can’t tolerate. Dec 02, 2014 · Why would you want to use 5W-30? The 5W-20 grade has been recommended by numerous manufacturers since the late 1990s and has proven, if anything, to be even more robust than 5W-30, and 0W-20 is even better still. Well my wife's Dodge recommends 0w-20 but states 5w-20 can be used. Mine uses 0w30. So the lower the first number the easier it flows in cold temps. I use 5w30 mobil 1 in my car since I bought it. I think the only reason Toyota/Lexus recommend a 0w oil is to guarantee you use synthetic. November 9,  15 Nov 2018 I got the oil change done yesterday with Shell HX8 5W30. Synthetic 5W-30 can be used in all temperatures. Jul 07, 2020 · The Valvoline Synthetic Motor Oil protects the engine from corrosion. Below 40°F (4. However, if you treat the accelerator like an on and off switch and are tuned or even stock go with 10w-40. I read through the thread on oil and many suggested 5W-30 has advantages and 5W-20 may cause engine wear. I will never use 5w30 in my engine, and will use 5w20 only in extreme circumstances. ) But a 5W30 is stretching it. 237. The question was " can i use 5W30 synthetic in the warmer months,instead of 0W20. 575. Additionally, your engine may experience performance issues such as diminished fuel economy and horsepower. If you’d like to use it, we suggest Mobil 1 94001 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil. Someone needs to do a UOA to find out but I'm using the free Honda oil for my  1 Jul 2018 I have a bit of 5w-30 oil left and I was wondering if I can mix 1 liter of 5w-30 we can talk about upping the viscosity to a thin 30 wt instead of staying Use it up, then you can just buy 5 quart jugs and have no more leftovers! SHOULD YOU USE SYNTHETIC OIL, 0W-20? WHAT'S In fact, the quality of oil changed in your vehicle can significantly impact the life of your engine. As someone said, Mobil 1 is not a great oil any longer. 0W-20 is undoubtedly safe for the engine. 8 Nov 2018 If the manufacturer recommend 5W-30, you can drop to 0W-30, but should not drop the What would be the harm of using 5W-20 instead of 0W-20 oil in a 2019  22 Jun 2014 As long as you can maintain sufficient hot oil pressure most engines will tolerate a lower grade well. The thicker 5W-30 cost more because of lower purchase volume. So, it makes you wonder why Ford went to 5W30 instead of 5W20. Yeah, I don't disagree with you. The dealer screwed up and you should return, with your owner's manual in hand, demanding they flush the 0W20 and put 5W30 in the crankcase. Using 5W30 oil for your vehicle will not blow out the engine. 0W-20 is spec'd to help with gas mileage. eg: 10w40/5w40->0w40, 10w-30/5w30->0w30, 5w20->0w20 etc. Takeaway Synthetic engine oils are flexible, which means both 5w20 and 5w30 work equally well to protect your vehicle’s engine despite the climate. SAE Grade. Your vehicle runs best at 5W20 and this is the type of oil that is recommended by the manufacturer; I always advise customers to use the type of oil that the manufacturer It is interesting that in Japanese Subaru web site, they lists oil from 0w20 to 5w40, as it is in this link below. re: can i use 5w20 instead of 5w30 in my ecoboost Post by tjreams » Fri Mar 20, 2015 9:40 pm If you have any internal engine issue they take an oil sample, wrong oil = no warranty. 6L Tundra calls out 0W20 oil, but the owner's manual says you can use 5W20 if 0W20 is not available and need to go back to 0W20 at next oil change. I'm using 5W30 in my summer change today. Mine uses some oil, but if it was crazy excessive, I'd top-up with 5w30 every time. I always go with what other owners say tho before autozone. It is not recommended for that engine. 5w20 vs 5w30 - Everything You Need To Know Mobil 1’s 120765 is an advanced full synthetic motor oil that promises 15,000 miles of protection for gasoline engines. This comes from people who own these cars not a computer telling a guy at a store. It’s helpful to think of the “W” as standing for “winter. However, I don't see it on the Mobile 1 site any longer. Another difference can be found in their price. Mrtonneau. If 5w-30 is allowed according to the manual you will keep your warranty using it. This is why you would see something like this on the label: SAE 5W-30. This is why you should use the best small engine oil for your four-stroke like Briggs & Stratton SAE 5W-30. I think most service advisors understand that 5w-30 is a legitimate choice for these motors, (but they will be trained to recommend 0w-20) That all being said modern engines are pretty tolerant of oil being too thin or too thick within reason. so id say the fear of affecting its longevity plus a possible warranty void is on my mind tremendously. With the addition of the newest MB 229. You are interested in best protection of the engine from cold start, so 0w makes sense. viscosity, viscosity stability, heat tolerance, durability, etc. The Fit and other small cars like Corollas and Civics take oil that is 0w20 is what the manual says to use, mine has had it for 5 years and 53k miles and no issues with it. Oil should be changed after the first 20-30 hours of operation and every 100 hours of run time thereafter. Jan 18, 2006 · Also, it doesn't hurt to use a light weight when trying to make HP. These OEMs encourage you to buy a spare tire as an "accessory. In this case, 5W-30 will flow more easily at startup than 10W-30. I mistakenly bought 7 qts of royal purple 0w20'oil for my new ram. Show Full Signature It’s one of the best things you can do for your vehicle, and one of the easiest… regularly change the oil. At worst, you'll notice a tiny decrease in mileage. 5w30, 0w30, 0w20, it’s all fine. oil,. He hangs Using 10W-30 instead of 5W-30, however, could make cold starts more difficult. Moreover, these  Масло моторное TOYOTA 5W30 SN 08880-10705 4л. However, your vehicle will not run as efficiently as it should and you may experience a loss of fuel economy. Instead of harbouring toxins in the engine, the oil helps in removing them as it circulates inside. Hands down, go with the thinner oil. I would say considering I was on a Total 0W20 mineral oil before it. if so - run it. According to our records, you contacted us telephone today on June 14, 2007 regarding your 2007 Tundra. 4°C) and down to -10°F (-23°C), use 10W-30. This is not really the major concern: Vehicle manufacturers only recommend using motor oils meeting certain viscosity grades and American Petroleum Institute service requirements. In fact, many say that using 5w20 instead of 5w30 can cause damage to your engine, resulting in a reduced engine lifespan. Things Humans Do 4,514 views. I have a tractor mower that changes to a snow blower for the winter,. It is tempting to use what you probably already have on hand rather than buy bar and chain oil for your chainsaw. Synthetic is a must if your country has it in your manual as an option (0W30 maybe but changing is not a good thing even in theory). And then, you live in a colder climate. Jul 02, 2014 · Personally, I don't think you should have a problem running the correct 5w30 oil in your climate under all but the most extreme conditions. 0w30 shouldn't be a problem. My 2012 Toyota Camry manual says you can use 5W20 if 0W20 is not available but change at 5000 miles instead of 10000. 000 miles, sommer or winter, milage has never been this low. I still get 35mpg in my si on freeway. In years past, owners of high mileage vehicles would use a higher viscosity oil than what was recommended by the manufacturer, say 15w40 instead of 5w30. The subaru WRX uses 5W30 synthetic year round due to the turbo heat. , 0W for northern Canada, 10W for Florida, and use the original oil spec for the operating weight. Yes, a lower viscosity oil like 5w20 will provide less protection than 5w30 in normal operating conditions. The high rpm time is when a thick oil will cause issues with not being able to still get into all the clearances at full pressure. If the engine consumes any oil then the latter might be advantageous. It's been used in other high performance VAG engines after all. Adv on next oil change can choose to use 5w-20 for best gas mileage. i tried some 0/20 in my gf 08 altima but I'm keeping 5/30 in You're wise to use the correct oil. Honda and other brands of cars that requires 5w30 requires oils for gasoline cars only and not diesel and petrol oil spec should not use this oil. Can 0W20 Be Used Instead Of 0W16? You may have noticed that some Toyota and Honda four-cylinder vehicles require SAE viscosity 0W16 oil. ) I have a 2004 LX Sedan i4 AT, 100K miles and just started using synthetic oil. You can also use 5w20. If Lexus says you are supposed to run 5-30, by all means run 5-30 if you want your car to have a long healthy life. If you own a Honda Civic and the 5w20 specified by the manual is not available, the manufacturer advice that, you can go ahead and use the 5w30 oil without having to worry because it is also good for the engine of this particular car. E. Full Synthetic Motor Oil KENDALL GT1 Max w/liquid titanium 0W20 5W20 5W30 10W30. 0W20 won't hurt your truck, or the engine and if they tested viscosity on a warranty claim gives the dealer nothing to say with regards to the warranty aspect. Jan 24, 2013 · htd, it seems like im in the same boat as you. Unless you live above the polar circle no reason to use only 0w20 5W30 motor oil offers better protection than the 5W20 as it is compatible with a diverse selection of automobiles and engine types. has a ,wide range. 52 Approval. UNIDAD. Music by: Infected  Mobil 1 Extended Performance High Mileage 0W-20 Offers excellent overall wear protection to help extend engine life, even up to 25,000 kilometers between Mobil 1 ESP™ 5W-30 A wide range of synthetic and conventional motor oils to help you go the distance You can also learn more by clicking Privacy policy. This only damages its components and in the process voids the warranty. As well, he went on to say that "Honda's 5W20 is as close to a full synthetic as an oil can get without it actually being one. The difference between 5W-20 and 5W-30 is that the lower viscosity in 5W-20 makes it a base stock oil that is very thin and geared toward winter use. BTW, You make want to look into it a little further as to what year your Rav4 is but there was a certain year where the recomended oil weight by Toyota went to 5w20->0W20 in nearly all there cars Jan 08, 2010 · 0W20 performs better than 5W30 in cold weather/stars. Apr 28, 2017 · Yes those are both 20W when warm. Here in PT there are many 3gen using 10W40 Dec 19, 2016 · The LT1 and LT4 run 5w30 but their performance requirements set by GM require the use of 5w30. Car owners can use an additive pack to both blend and conventional oil, to get the desired properties. Second, 5W-30 synthetic should suffice for just about all of us in most any climate. 5W-20 is acceptable as well. Depends upon what you're comparing. 0W20 goes in engines that require 0W20, not in engines that require 5W30. The 6 speeds aren't bound by that, thus my consideration. If you get 10W30 instead of 5W30, your engine will be fine. Through technical partnerships with most prestigious Teams of car racing, MOTUL has developed a wide range of lubricants for Racing and Sport cars. 00 oil, it’s what it was designed to run on. 5k oil change interval but it's much better than a qt every 2. I am presuming it’s an older car since most new cars are using the 5w30,20 etc now. The low‐viscosity, advanced full synthetic formulation of Mobil 1 0W-20 oils can help to increase engine Mobil 1™ 5W30   16 Jan 2017 What flows better in freezing temperatures? 0W30 or 5W30 at -30 Celsius or -22 Fahrenheit . From what I have read, you can subsitute any 0w-X as long as the last number stays the same. Thing is you want as thin an oil as you can use, if the oil is too think you'll lose performance and the engine might get hotter as it has to work with heavier oil. I am getting ready to do an oil change but was curious how my engine would be affected if I used 5w-30 instead of what the cap calls for (5w-20. They have poured Castrol 0W20 mineral oil (99999M00W20-CAS) instead of recommended 5W-30   ILSAC GF-5. The multi-weight oil flows well under a variety of temperature ranges and, depending on the manufacturer, may be labeled as "energy conserving. Some 0w20 oils have higher hths scores then 5w30. To do otherwise is foolish. 5w-30 should be an option depending where you live. The 5. Seems FCA looks for anything to deny a warranty and pulling out receipts for 5W-30 oil changes instead of the correct MS-12633 spec'd 0W-40 can cause complications. We hope this helped answer your question. Rating and changed it. Quality product and just as pictured/described. STP Full Synthetic 10W-30 Motor Oil. 5w30 is recommended. The 2012's called for 5W-30 and agree it's the CAFE numbers Jeep trying to improve on by running a lighter oil in newer vehicles. but depending on your annual mileage it is a decision that need to be made on the initial cost of oil etc. Replacing the oil in your Honda Civic Hybrid is similar to replacing the  9 Nov 2018 Do you have questions about 0W-16 motor oil? Feel free to contact us using the form on this page or call us at 1-800-748-5781. GM specs 5W30 for those lol. I really don't think you need to go with a 10W-30 and a 15W-40 is just over kill. 5 v6, it was 5w-30 then switched to 0w-20. engines can last 300K miles on dino oil if maintained properly. Feb 09, 2013 · The w40 have a higher viscosity then the w20. Engine oil temperatures will get as high as 135 degrees C. Re: Can I Use 5w30 Instead Of 5w20 Recommended For My ACURA MDX 07 (tokubo) by greenhulk : 12:06am On Mar 20 , 2019 Jan 10, 2018 · If you take the BRZ to Nurburgring with 0W20, you are pretty likely to destroy the engine. Just like the HEMI. From there you can go in each direction a bit, say 0W30(40) or 10W30(40) depending on your exact needs and climate. Jan 31, 2018 · Using 10W-30 instead of 5W-30, however, could make cold starts more difficult. 7 personally. In a 5W-30 for example, the number before the W describes the viscosity of the oil at low temperatures. With the prices I can get you for AMSOIL synthetic motor oil, you can get the best motor oil in the world at a surprisingly low price and probably lower than what you're paying now for 0W-20 synthetic motor oil. What if you used 0W40 European Formula? That's what I'm using as it's VW502 certified. The actual oil molecules never wear out. Jan 01, 2020 · If you didn't put it in the engine, yes, return it, and get the 5w20. Thus, if you live in colder environments or freezing temperatures, you should use thin grade oil, such as the 5w30. I would try 5W30. I presume the 2013 Impreza has the same (paraphrasing) "Use 0w20, but thicker oil may be required in extreme conditions. Feb 14, 2018 · The 5w30 oil will flow better at low temperatures than the 10w40 oil. Jul 05, 2005 · I went with Mobil 1 5w-20 this time instead of 5w-30. The folks over at the BITOG forum suggested that 0W20 and 5W20 are interchangeable, especially since I live in Florida. 4 liter 4 cylinder and that is Aug 09, 2018 · Yes, they did. I use 0W-30 in my cars. However, that said, 5W-30 is not the oil weight prescribed by your owner's manual, and therefore it does not conform to your engine warranty requirements. It has the same flow rate as SAE30 at normal operating temps. This week I hit 5000 miles and had the oil changed using 0W20 oil at $9. i ran 10w-30 for years in engines spec'd for lower weights, the only problem with heavier weight oil will be slightly worse fuel mileage and harder starting below 32F. They didnt use 0w20 Oil but Elf 5w30, and now the fuelconsumption has gone up by 10%. When called on the reasoning be hind it, their statement was "Its for emissions. 0W-20. If Toyota states to use 0W-20, that's what I'm using especially since its under warranty. Short answer, no -- your CR-V will run just fine. If you've got a wet clutch, you need oil suited to that. 2 HC engine) run 0w40. I want to know what problems 5W-30 may cause if I use it instead of 5W-20. FWIW, there's no tappets on the new FB series engines. I'm not stocking Toyota oil for them. Should you buy a dedicated product for lubricating your chai Should you be faced with that kind of "extreme" cold you can just let your car warm up for 30 to 60 seconds before you start rolling. It really comes down to "Did you pay them for 0W20 or 5W20?" Was the 5W20 in the car for more than 5K miles between changes. 6 for some reason vs the 5. 5000 to make an appointment. MolyGreen. Can you use 5w 30 synthetic instead of 0w 20 - Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. 5w30 can be fully synthetic, however, putting it into your engine which is designed for 0w20 is a bad idea. You pay for the higher synthetic cost by getting longer periods between oil changes, ie 7. This means that the 5w30 oil will protect the engine better at low temperatures, usually when the engine is just starting or during weather conditions such as winter. ) Some cars of 1999 model year have the exact same motor as their 2000 model year counter parts, yet the 1999 model said to use a different grade oil than the 5W20 specified in 2000. 4767. 52 specification, the Wolf OFFICIALTECH 5W30 C3 becomes one of Wolf’s most complete engine oils for cars, both gasoline and diesel. Listen closely to your motor during that critical first 30 second warm-up before you put your vehicle into motion. Multigrade Motor Oils and Different Climes. I was wondering if anybody was using 5W-20 oil in these engines on regular basis, either synthetic or convensional oil and how it has Ten or 15 years ago, choosing the oil for your car was simple. 0i) engine with 6MT gearbox. В корзину Моторное масло Eni i-Sint, синтетическое, 0W20, API SN, ILSAC GF-5, 4 л. After your warranty is over, I am sure 5w30 maybe the better oil to use over 0w20. Use of 5W-30 might add some additional cost in terms of reduced fuel economy due to use of the higher viscosity oil. The RX350 uses the 2GR-FE engine (the 3. A 5w20 synthetic oil will likely have less film and shear strength than a synthetic 5w30, 10w30 or 0w30. It wil just kill your gas mileage a bit. It can also withstand a wider range of temperature variation. It looks like they are hoping 5W30 will protect the engines a little better. Use what the manual suggests. Please don't take this the wrong way, but why are you trying to reinvent the wheel here. I presume the shorter interval is because 5W20 is available in dino oil. Also, the 30w may have a different API letter rating than the 5w-30 and you must stick with what is recommended for your engine. I knew a guy that used 20w50 and blew his engine in his Dodge Ram, they would not warranty his engine because the oil caused the malfunction. However, if you live in an extremely cold region, the 0W oil will do less damage than the 5W oil while starting the engine. " language in the owner's manual that the 2013 Legacy and BRZ have. However, 5W-30 natural is a different beast than the factory-specified 0W-20 synthetic (i. Oct 28, 2008 · You will never go wrong with synthetic oil, especially in cold or winter climates. The "w" after the first number does not stand for "weight". Mines the 2000, MB S500. High Mileage Vehicles. Whether you are in Arizona or East Jabip. You’re also wondering if you can just throw in some readily available 0W-20 oil instead. 0W-20 motor oils can also be used instead of the recommendation of 5W-20 oil. METODO. 99. Reply. The only logical reason for their behavior is that they buy 0W-20 oil by the drum loads. I would have thought it should be around 5W-30 fully synthetic. Went 260km on my big bike near ram intra, and the expressway near the airport. W mean weight, the weight of the molecule. Oct 25, 2019 · Hint: Use a descriptive title for your new message If you're looking for help and want to draw people in who can assist you, use a descriptive subject title when posting your message. I also doubt that Georgia is going to get cold enough to make a difference either. Recently my local shop gave me 5w30 oil change instead of 0w20 claiming that it's okay to use it. 100k is nothing on an engine. If it calls for a 5W-30 use that. Хабаровск. this is a 2013 unit,. All the best, JC Bradshaw Jan 28, 2005 · Agreed. A quick stroll down the oil aisle at your favorite auto parts store can be overwhelming. 5W20 would have cost $4. AutoZone will tell you 5w30 but if you look on all the Mercedes forums they will tell you 0w30. wolfenstein. Both these oils – 5W20 and 5W30 – are multigrade. (better mileage, especially with lots of short trips) To get a 0w20 oil companies have to use very good base oils. The problem is that there are other additives and they do get used up. Will this cause any problems, should i call them and have it changed/? Oil viscosity 10w30 vs 5w20? Nov 28, 2018 · should you use 5w30 instead of 5w20? watch and find out. Yours could be different tho. I Always use what vehicle Feb 08, 2014 · 10w30 is a upgrade, I use syn. So, although compact car shoppers may not be too happy with the more expensive Honda specified 0w20 motor oil , automakers including Honda and Toyota are almost exclusively switching from well-known 5W Apr 05, 2012 · Then it states that you must switch back to 0w20 when it becomes available. 5 Jul 2017 Guys, I want your input about switching from 0w20 to 5w30. I know I did in thailand. Do I really need to use 5W-20 or 0W-20 oil and why did my 2000 model year vehicle require a 5W-30 oil, while the exact same engine in my 2001, 2002 and newer engines "requires" a 5W-20 or 0W-20 oil? Answer: NO! You do not need to use a 5W-20 or 0W-20 oil. 5W-30 will not harm your engine. Time will tell on that move. Warranty issues could result. e. DR Hass was using Redline 5w20 in his  31 Jan 2018 Josh buys a new car that requires 0W-20 motor oil. But I can tell you that the engine was designed to use 5W30. if it's a turbo engine - synthetic only. It's the cheapest oil sold in bulk so most shops have it. Both 0w30 and 5w30 edge are both LL-04 oils. 0w20, синтетическое, 4,00 л. I just traded my 2005 model for this one and it had the 2. Sep 21, 2013 · My second thought was that, if you wanted to be conservative, you could mix one quart of your 5W-30 weight oil with, say, four quarts of the weight oil recommended by American Honda (0W-20), and thus eventually use up your existing stock of 5W-30 weight oil. Login to reply the answers Post rob m 0w20 is a fully synthetic motor oil. Choose 5W20 over 5W30, and during months with freezing temperature starts, choose a 0W grade oil over 5W. Then the burden of proof falls onto you to prove the oil didn't cause whatever failure it was. necessary? no. There is so little difference. You can expect to find the 0w30 a bit cheaper and more affordable than the 0w40. My mechanic said I could drive longer between oil changes because the 0W20 is a synthetic oil and lasts longer. The 5W20 is better in the winter and the 5W30 is better in the summer. Free shipping . Save what you drain and use it in the lawn mower. Member. Send me a private message for a price quote. I myself will probably be using 0w20 when my 3 "free" oil changes are done just to let engine run cooler and get few more miles for gasoline. Toyota did the same thing with the 2gr-fe 3. These systems are sensitive, and can be expensive to service. com Engine Oil 0w20 vs 5w30 On the huge Availability of motor oils at the shop, you have to add more attention to find the right oil for your vehicle. At high temperatures, the 5w30 oil is thinner than that of 10w40 since 30 is lower than 40. " In sum, Nissan has no interest in improving the mileage on trucks already sold. Maybe do a search to see if you can find thread where the guy posted a link to the info. 2015 Nissan Path:43:finder S. the last number is the weight of the oil, which in turn will have a thicker viscosity the higher the weight, measured in centistroke. Also, engines needing 0w20 are likely built with closer bearing tolerances that need "thinner slippery" oil. I recently purchased a 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid. One advantage of synthetic oils is they usually don't need viscosity modifiers. 01 MPG if 5w-20 compared to 5w-30 shouldn't cause any problems unless he is beating on it at the track then I would make sure it is 5w-30. The WRX seems to work well with the 5w30. If you are talking 5w30 for 0w30, then it's absolutely fine. No it doesn't harm your motor. Edited by: Nasher Refer to your owners manual. Caddyman I use 5W20 almost exclusively because they tend to be more shear stable and generally better quality than bulk 5W30 oils. However, "Need help with my 2009 Genesis Sedan" will. FWIW, the Dodge uses about a qt of oil every 2500 to 3000 miles on 0w-20 but only uses a qt every 5000 miles on 5w-30. If you would like to schedule your next oil change with us, please call our service department at 248. I would only use a 0 weight oil where it got really cold, and the oil may not travel to moving parts as fast as it should. I've topped up with 5w20 and 5w30 on my 2014. 0 Apr 17, 2013 · As far as the Mercedes goes. Now on the single turbo vehicles, they can use 5W20. With this four point difference [between 0W-20 and 0W-16], we are already getting a 2 percent increase in fuel efficiency. Motors oils like this 5W-30 are also very widely used and most times general accepted by machine users especially car users instead of the 0W-20 is that they can function very well in all but highly extreme cold and hot temperatures. In other words 0W20 is not good enough when things are hot. I have a case of mobile 5w-30 oil, i used that for my first DIY oil change on my PIP but I noticed the manual states "if 0w-20 not available, you can use 5w-30 but make sure you use 0w-20 the next time". Let us say for example that our engine has synthetic Mobil One 0W-30. He also mentioned that whenever the topic of lower viscosity (0w20, 5w20) oils comes up in Honda training classes, it is always all about fuel mileage and that Honda says that their testing shows no increase in engine wear with the lighter weight oils. The car has done 40. 20 is the finishing weight or how thick it is, when the engine is at operating temperature. 5W30 is a good weight unless you live a hot climate, then do 10W30. That is, unless you have a wet clutch. If you're below zero, I would entertain switching to a 5W-20. Feb 24, 2016 · The viscosity of oil called for by the mfr is dictated by bearing clearances. Perhaps discontinued? Alternatively, Ford has a full synthetic 5w20 that will give you better low temperature protection (it thickens slightly les when cool) than the semi-synthetic 5w20. Jul 14, 2011 · The TSB about the use of 5w20 was for the 3MZ-FE engine (the 3. 3. Корпорация Авто. Edit: I drive FB20 (2. The 20W oil is preferred in climates where temperatures drop very low. That said, most automakers will specify a range of oils that can be used in their motors, letting you choose the best viscosity to fit your driving conditions. This IP address 52. Engines cost thousands of dollars. Use only 'SN' (an API oil classification) full synthetic oil with a bottom end of 0W and you will not go far wrong. Even switch to 5w30 or heavier entirely. You could almost use the same oil forever. can you use 0w20 instead of 5w30

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